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Havenly's mission is to make great interior design affordable, accessible and fun. Their online platform gives clients the ability to work 1:1 with a real interior designer.

I joined Havenly as an E-Designer, and later joined their Design Operations team. My main focus was launching and growing Havenly's "try before you buy" offering, Havenly Consult (neé Design Quickie).

Collaborating daily with our Tech and Product teams, I learned firsthand the importance of listening to your user. I synthesized both e-designer and client feedback so we could iterate on our products quickly and help move the needle on OKRs.


Program Manager



Client Work

Research, design, iterate.

Havenly's design process is a classic example of the iterative design process. Clients would complete a Room Profile detailing dimensions, color and style preferences, and their designer could message them to gain clarification or immediately suggest items for review.

Through a series of design deliverables (Ideas, Concepts, and Layouts), clients and designers exchanged feedback and revisions as needed until the client was 100% in love with their design.

Client Spotlight: Stephanie's Femme Den / Guest Room

Stephanie had recently purchased a new home in Nashville with her husband and had a spare room that she was hoping to turn into her "femme den" — a space she could dedicate to her vanity and let her glam personality shine through. The room was decently sized, so she wanted to optimize the space by having the option to use it as a guest room as well.

In one sentence, what’s your #1 goal for this design project?
Clean, chic but with pop art type references, art, etc. I want my makeup vanity area in one section and the main area to be a guest room that can be hidden away when no one is visiting and become usable space. TV room, lounge room etc.
"My husband and I wanted to thank you for all the time and thoughtfulness you have put into our design "quickies" over the years. They are more than 'quickies' -- the end product shows a lot of time and thought. They have been so valuable and helpful for us. Your work is priceless!"
- Lindsey S.
"I am so thankful that we connected because you picked out the perfect pieces! You are very talented in not just interior design, but seeing beyond the need to the person. There are lots of things in my home that will make me think of you, so you will not be forgotten!"
- Lauren T.

Photo Shoot Styling

Working with Havenly's Growth team, I also assisted on several photo shoots, styling rooms and vignettes for blog and marketing content. Given my strong feelings on table runners and chargers, tablescape design quickly became my jam.

Featured on: Apartment Therapy, KTLA, Havenly's Hideaway magazine